What We Do

A jingle can be an important tool to help strengthen your brand. A jingle included in your marketing message acts as an audio icon that enhances brand impressions and projects a chosen quality.

Video is emerging as one of the top digital advertising formats. Brevity and a targeted message is a delicate recipe.

The theater of the mind that radio offers remains a powerful marketing channel when the copy writing and production are on target. Examples

Strategy and concept development are key components for an effective campaign. Maintaining a high level of quality through the production stage is a must.

Media Planning & Buying
Developing a media plan to optimize every dollar is as important as growing personal relationships with reps and partners.

Digital media needs constant optimization especially at the beginning of a campaign to help understand the audience.

The amount of creativity necessary for a campaign depends on the receptiveness of the audience.  We understand the delicate balance between standing out while being understood.

Social Media Marketing
The best way to publicize your brand is to allow your biggest fans to share your story. We believe in delivering a constant source of content for your groupies to share.

The convergence of today's media requires master brand strategies to be consistent across content, channel, and platform.  A solid slow and steady commitment wins the race.


Our Process

Establish Clear Marketing Goals
We first help you establish your marketing goals. We can help your business reach several different types of marketing objectives including creating awareness of your brand, increasing  sales, and creating urgency for a specific promotion. 

Produce Creative Advertisements 
We identify who your likely customers are, then design and create a custom advertising message that motivates them to act. We identify how to best reach your customers and produce the appropriate types of creative marketing pieces to influence their purchasing decisions. 

Place Targeted Media
We research and identify where your potential customers are most likely to be affected by your advertisement, then we can place your advertising campaign with our vast network of media partners. We create big loud campaigns, while directing your messages to only the people likely to purchase your products. The result is more efficient marketing.

Getting Started

Beginning a marketing advertising campaign is simple. By meeting with us, we can identify your marketing goals and create an effective marketing message to target your ideal customer. Then we can identify your best advertising channels and project for you a realistic advertising budget.


Free Consultation Includes...

  • Identifying Your Marketing Goals

  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer

  • Developing For You An Effective Marketing Message

  • Identifying Your Best Advertising Channels

  • Projecting A Realistic Budget To Reach Your Goal

  • A Written Marketing Strategy Report For You To Keep